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You could start an interesting business with custom 3D printed bricks with concrete. Or cinder blocks for homes. That could be really interesting to see some structurally strong and unique shaped blocks, as well as cool designs in the bricks.Being in Minnesota with such a pleasantly grey and dark winter season (all 7 months!), could you build a plant holder that has a full-spectrum light on top to help a variety of plants that could grow year-round indoors? I think so, and that would be awesome.For areas that need to conserve water as much as possible, there is a great opportunity to build a business transforming lawns into Japanese Zen-inspired rock gardens.Start a streetwear brand that pays homage to the businesses and spaces that are long-gone from your community. Reinterpret the logo and brands and utilize those space names to create something that builds on the history of your community, and helps people to remember what used to be in your area.How difficult would it be to create…


Prepared home project kits. For example, when scraping the popcorn ceiling in my house it would be great to have all the tools, supplies and instructions for you ready to go.Co-marketed clothing from movies and tv shows. How cool would it be to afford a Star Lord jacket, or the suit James Bond wears?Pop-up drive in theatres in parking lots.Second screen app that follows a tv show and/or movie, and when you pause the show you are given info on what's on screen and be able to purchase it.While watching Star Trek Discovery I thought it would be really cool if you could see other content like the personal logs of the characters on the show.


I would love to visit (post-COVID) different landmarks and famous places with AR built photo and video walkthroughs that show from your position and perspective what happened and what was captured from that location in the past. Almost like a time portal.IoT enabled board games that connect with the other player to have a virtual/physical experience playing with others around the globe. I know they have chess boards that do this now, but what about other board games? A big challenge,  a big payoff!USB-connected game controllers that are buttons and writing pads to allow people to play in realtime online gameshows.Instructables and Home Depot/Menards/Lowes should pair up to offer the top-rated Instructables as a DIY kit that you can pick up in-store to build at home.Financial literacy programs that can be built into the K-12 curriculum, or for parents to utilize at home during distance learning. We need better financial literacy to be taught to ourselves and our children.


Local Economic Development Agencies should work on zoning and creating a startup area that offers low rent space that is easy for the community to get to and promote local entrepreneurs, artists, and startups. Maybe a shipping container park type of layout?NFC-enabled shopping carts that doubles as a cradle for your phone. Not only will it charge your phone, but it will default the phone's virtual assistant to answer questions on the location of items in the store you are in. Think of it as a "smart map" program that allows people to find things easier in that store's location.
I remember seeing a German company that built a biophilia bench that was about 15 feet high with moss and other biophilia and was able to scrub CO2 out of the air with the power of around 10 trees (my memory might be wrong on the exact details). How cool would it be to have a community build these and turn their city into a carbon-negative city?!A prescription glasses company should build a sit…


Custom built "tutor house" that is a socially-distant tiny home where students and tutors can be socially distant with a barrier in between the two people.We need a re-definement of  weddings. If quarantine has taught us anything, it shows how insane the wedding industry is. I personally believe the wedding is only a day, and we should focus on the marriage more.Folding@Home app for smartphones that can run when your phone is plugged in and on the wifi.Kid-inspired clothing that uses their artwork to create prints. These prints can help kids start their own businesses and earn an income.2nd Screen content that syncs with the shows you are watching by listening to the audio. This could be something that builds a more in-depth experience with the shows and world building too.


How amazing would a city-owned 3D Printing lab be? Think about being able to go in and 3D print with multiple materials from plastics, concrete, and resin. You could utilize concrete 3D printing for different outdoor seating and furniture and the rest for household objects, replacement parts, and so much more!You should start a company that takes furniture (let's say IKEA furniture) and builds retro gaming stations in them. Super easy with Raspberry Pi's and various hardware resources online.Hold a public art show in an open space in a park or public area that is all AR-based. You can socially distance, see the artists work in a way you might not entirely be able to have done in an art gallery.I would love to see a database of biology research that can help inform biomimicry designers in their work. Take a translational approach to the research being published that makes it accessible to laypeople who are looking for inspiration and ideas.Conversation pits in office environmen…


I took a little hiatus for the last few days while working on home projects and getting ready for a school year that will have us homeschooling (I don’t even own a denim jumper!) due to a house of two entrepreneur parents and the difficulty of hybrid schooling schedules. Thank you for being awesome!
Give me a collaboration YouTube channel and cookbook of dishes from countries that are "enemies" of America. Palestine, Iran, North Korea, the Basque region, etc. I think this can humanize the people from these areas and help us to see it's not the people that are the enemies here, but their leaders/government/or whatever system in power.Riffing off of that idea, could we produce a video podcast talking to people in these countries? Get to know what life is like for the common person. It would be, in a way for me, a way to honor the legacy that Anthony Bourdain was creating towards the latter part of his videos, where he and the team would go into areas Americans were not &quo…