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Wallpaper and paint AR camera to see how a new coat of paint or wallpaper will look on the existing walls.Science experiment kits delivered to the house. I like to try to make “Science Saturday” a routine, and would love a low-cost weekly delivery of an experiment each week to do with my kiddos.Live-streaming camera switcher that can connect to up-to 4 GoPro cameras and can switch between them. Small and portable with a monitor to show cameras and what is going out.Community gyms that can be built in a shipping container and be sanitized between uses. Have a focus on neighborhood owned equipment and a reservation calendar for that block/neighborhood.Zen stone gardens should be a new hotness for landscaping. Reduces water needs for lawns, promotes meditation and self-care, and is pretty darn cool looking too!


A height-adjustable sink built like a sit/stand desk so kiddos can reach the faucet too. Have them built for people of all heights!The ability to own a cabin with another family or two. Not so much a timeshare, but a co-op owned home away from home.Food trucks built on pontoon bodies to serve food on lakes during the summer.Day rentals of boats and pontoons. I don't need to own one, but I would love to take the family out a few times a summer.Treehouse kits. Have a pre-packaged and deliverable set of lumber, hardware, and more to build a pre-designed treehouse. You could customize it online and have the whole unit delivered.


Email signature management for G Suite Admins.Stamps of various shapes and colors on the back of puzzle pieces to identify sets that go together when kids get them mixed up together.Open-source database of government-funded research. If taxpayer money is paying for these grants, open the data for companies, startups, and other enterprises in the country to have access to the findings.We need a standardized API protocol for local municipality data that can be accessed by citizens for the ability to invent, create, and better their communities.An app that can take a picture of your kid's book pages, convert the print words to text, transcribe it, and create an audiobook from it.


A Twitter filter of people you follow that follow you back.A social media extension that waits 5 minutes before publishing your post. It gives you time to think before it goes live.A Facebook pixel jammer. Like a VPN for your devices that blocks/Jams Facebook pixels.Properly zoned areas in a neighborhood for creative and unique activations like musical gardens, urban hacking projects, Parklets, and more.Matchmaking app to find people who love to play the same board games/card games/RPGs like you. A cool way to make friends in your community!


Distance learning tutors that are designated to one client during the pandemic. Regular testing on both sides to keep everyone as safe as possible. Some families could use the help of tutoring while you have two working parents.Pocket door-like closets. Pull out a pocket door organizer/closet in various walls around the house to hide some clutter.Homeowner tool bundle kits. Companies like Ryobi, DeWalt, and Milwaukee have a plethora of tools that can run off the same type of battery. They do have some bundles that are geared towards contractors, but none for homeowners who might need a variety of tools and could save on a bundle.Bluetooth adapter for Microsoft Surface keyboards.I would love to see a setting on my iPhone to be able to shut off some specific apps during certain times of the day. Some apps I don't need running when I am at work since those are usually up and running on my computer.


Searchable database to find podcasts that are from around your location or community. Have the ability to find podcasts being produced by city, or radius of a location.AI built and powered photo restoration program within your photos app. Google has a photo app to take pictures of printed photos, so could you build an AI editor to analyze the photo and do some restoration?A deepfake loop of yourself paying attention to a Zoom meeting so you can doze off in real life. Fight the virtual meeting fatigue with a nap! OK, not so serious, but funny to me.I’m feeling lucky playlist for Spotify/Apple Music/etc. Roll the dice for a random playlist and maybe find a band or song you didn’t know you love.Try a new hobby. Get monthly packages delivered to you with an online course to help you try a new hobby, like knitting, water color painting, writing, photography, ukulele, whatever! Set it up with a Discord for that hobby to connect with others and encourage each other.