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  1. Local Economic Development Agencies should work on zoning and creating a startup area that offers low rent space that is easy for the community to get to and promote local entrepreneurs, artists, and startups. Maybe a shipping container park type of layout?
  2. NFC-enabled shopping carts that doubles as a cradle for your phone. Not only will it charge your phone, but it will default the phone's virtual assistant to answer questions on the location of items in the store you are in. Think of it as a "smart map" program that allows people to find things easier in that store's location.
  3. I remember seeing a German company that built a biophilia bench that was about 15 feet high with moss and other biophilia and was able to scrub CO2 out of the air with the power of around 10 trees (my memory might be wrong on the exact details). How cool would it be to have a community build these and turn their city into a carbon-negative city?!
  4. A prescription glasses company should build a site where you can order the glass, and download the 3D printing files to print your own glasses to your exact specifications and size of your face. 
  5. Is there any research going into creating a type of bamboo that can grow outside of the current climate conditions it grows in? I am thinking about how we have cold-climate grapes that have been bred to grow in Minnesota and if it's possible to do that with bamboo. With so much that can be created from bamboo, it could revitalize farming communities that are losing out to the giant agricultural companies.