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I took a little hiatus for the last few days while working on home projects and getting ready for a school year that will have us homeschooling (I don’t even own a denim jumper!) due to a house of two entrepreneur parents and the difficulty of hybrid schooling schedules. Thank you for being awesome!

  1. Give me a collaboration YouTube channel and cookbook of dishes from countries that are "enemies" of America. Palestine, Iran, North Korea, the Basque region, etc. I think this can humanize the people from these areas and help us to see it's not the people that are the enemies here, but their leaders/government/or whatever system in power.
  2. Riffing off of that idea, could we produce a video podcast talking to people in these countries? Get to know what life is like for the common person. It would be, in a way for me, a way to honor the legacy that Anthony Bourdain was creating towards the latter part of his videos, where he and the team would go into areas Americans were not "supposed" to be. 
  3. To keep the international theme going, let's create a web portal pen-pal experience for kids who can connect with other kids from around the world. Take a platform like Marco Polo and match kids from around the world based on languages they can speak, interests, hobbies, and more. Give kids the opportunity to see and experience things around the world that they are unable to during this time.
  4. Let's build a network of 360 cameras from insta360 that are stationed around the world and connected to Google Maps to allow people to "teleport" around the world and see what life is like there. If you collab with VR companies, you could create a way to have an avatar that interacts with people that are there with an interface. Obviously, the internet being the way it is, there would have to be some serious safeguards to not go the way of Omegle and Chat Roullete. 
  5. With quarantine here and the school year starting up shortly for us, I would love for my kids to have the ability to experience other cultures and countries with monthly subscription boxes that could include some candy from that country, traditional games, and explainers that kids their age play there, and maybe something that would be a traditional craft/art activity from that area/region/country. Give a small window into the world of kids their age around the world.