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  1. You could start an interesting business with custom 3D printed bricks with concrete. Or cinder blocks for homes. That could be really interesting to see some structurally strong and unique shaped blocks, as well as cool designs in the bricks.
  2. Being in Minnesota with such a pleasantly grey and dark winter season (all 7 months!), could you build a plant holder that has a full-spectrum light on top to help a variety of plants that could grow year-round indoors? I think so, and that would be awesome.
  3. For areas that need to conserve water as much as possible, there is a great opportunity to build a business transforming lawns into Japanese Zen-inspired rock gardens.
  4. Start a streetwear brand that pays homage to the businesses and spaces that are long-gone from your community. Reinterpret the logo and brands and utilize those space names to create something that builds on the history of your community, and helps people to remember what used to be in your area.
  5. How difficult would it be to create a full-length Magic Mirror (mirrors with monitor screens behind the glass that's powered by a Raspberry Pi to show you customized information) that could be focused on clothes shopping that utilized AR to show you how it the clothing would look like on you as you stand in front of the mirror? That was a big sentence!