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  1. How amazing would a city-owned 3D Printing lab be? Think about being able to go in and 3D print with multiple materials from plastics, concrete, and resin. You could utilize concrete 3D printing for different outdoor seating and furniture and the rest for household objects, replacement parts, and so much more!
  2. You should start a company that takes furniture (let's say IKEA furniture) and builds retro gaming stations in them. Super easy with Raspberry Pi's and various hardware resources online.
  3. Hold a public art show in an open space in a park or public area that is all AR-based. You can socially distance, see the artists work in a way you might not entirely be able to have done in an art gallery.
  4. I would love to see a database of biology research that can help inform biomimicry designers in their work. Take a translational approach to the research being published that makes it accessible to laypeople who are looking for inspiration and ideas.
  5. Conversation pits in office environments. Bring back the focus around conversation and interactions in a space that is designed just for that. Plus they always looked cool to me!