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  1. I would love to visit (post-COVID) different landmarks and famous places with AR built photo and video walkthroughs that show from your position and perspective what happened and what was captured from that location in the past. Almost like a time portal.
  2. IoT enabled board games that connect with the other player to have a virtual/physical experience playing with others around the globe. I know they have chess boards that do this now, but what about other board games? A big challenge,  a big payoff!
  3. USB-connected game controllers that are buttons and writing pads to allow people to play in realtime online gameshows.
  4. Instructables and Home Depot/Menards/Lowes should pair up to offer the top-rated Instructables as a DIY kit that you can pick up in-store to build at home.
  5. Financial literacy programs that can be built into the K-12 curriculum, or for parents to utilize at home during distance learning. We need better financial literacy to be taught to ourselves and our children.