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  1. Distance learning tutors that are designated to one client during the pandemic. Regular testing on both sides to keep everyone as safe as possible. Some families could use the help of tutoring while you have two working parents.
  2. Pocket door-like closets. Pull out a pocket door organizer/closet in various walls around the house to hide some clutter.
  3. Homeowner tool bundle kits. Companies like Ryobi, DeWalt, and Milwaukee have a plethora of tools that can run off the same type of battery. They do have some bundles that are geared towards contractors, but none for homeowners who might need a variety of tools and could save on a bundle.
  4. Bluetooth adapter for Microsoft Surface keyboards.
  5. I would love to see a setting on my iPhone to be able to shut off some specific apps during certain times of the day. Some apps I don't need running when I am at work since those are usually up and running on my computer.