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  1. Searchable database to find podcasts that are from around your location or community. Have the ability to find podcasts being produced by city, or radius of a location.
  2. AI built and powered photo restoration program within your photos app. Google has a photo app to take pictures of printed photos, so could you build an AI editor to analyze the photo and do some restoration?
  3. A deepfake loop of yourself paying attention to a Zoom meeting so you can doze off in real life. Fight the virtual meeting fatigue with a nap! OK, not so serious, but funny to me.
  4. I’m feeling lucky playlist for Spotify/Apple Music/etc. Roll the dice for a random playlist and maybe find a band or song you didn’t know you love.
  5. Try a new hobby. Get monthly packages delivered to you with an online course to help you try a new hobby, like knitting, water color painting, writing, photography, ukulele, whatever! Set it up with a Discord for that hobby to connect with others and encourage each other.