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  1. On-demand laser engraving. Think of a Vista Print style site that allows you to pick out the substrate (medium you want to laser engrave), some pre-made designs, the ability to upload your own design, and order. Get a laser engraved leather laptop sleeve, or customized laser engraved denim jeans (this is how they get a lot of the distressed looks on jeans now).
  2. Municipal-funded LinkedIn Learning portals. Make it a part of the Economic Development of your area to learn new skills during COVID to help people gain new skills.
  3. Tshirt shop that takes protest sign designs and prints them on shirts, and donates the profit to charities that are part of, and/or, supports the cause of the protest.
  4.  VR "Life Lessons" classes/games. Build a VR library of scenarios of all the little things that are part of being an adult that you don't get taught these days. How to take out and install a toilet. Start a fire. Fix a leaky faucet. All those little things that make you go to YouTube right away.
  5. K-12 finance/money literacy classes. Not economics, but all things related to money, finances, investing, taxes, and more. We need to help our kids be smarter with their money than we are.