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  1. Japanese-style Onsens. There is something so relaxing and refreshing at an Onsen (Japanese bath house) that everyone should experience.
  2. Random "Discomfort" Generartor. Have the site generate random activities and challenges that will take you out of your comfort zone in a creative and positive way.
  3. Scavenger/Geocaching hybrid for COVID time. Give families a chance to explore (at a social distance) their cities, with clues that help find special surprises such as painted rocks, medallions, and other keepsakes that they can then replace with their own created keepsake.
  4. Paired remote coworking. A friend of mine does paired programming, having another programmer connected via the web during the work day. With COVID remote working, having a work buddy would be a nice relationship to have.
  5.  Build your own Blizzard vending machine that lets you pick your flavors, and blends it up for you. Fun to watch, and could be distributed in so many places.